Recycling City Center

A success story from UNR's Business Environmental Program about how the City Center construction project diverted 254,853 tons of construction waste from the landfill. Read more
The Peppermill Resort Spa Casino in Reno, Nevada is the first and only resort in the United States to heat their entire facility with on-site geothermal wells, saving $2.2 million dollars per year in natural gas expenses and reducing annual carbon emissions by 12,000 metric tons. The success of the Peppermill’s geothermal operation drew attention to a multitude of other opportunities for saving money through energy efficiency projects. Guests can now find green projects all over the hotel, including greywater recycling, artificial grass turf lawns, LED lighting, soap and shampoo recycling, electric vehicles, cardboard recycling, food waste recycling and more. Read more
El Primero Boutique B&B Hotel, located in Chula Vista, CA, is a Chula Vista Clean Business -- meaning that they excel in four categories: energy conservation, water conservation, pollution prevention, and solid waste reduction. Read more
Bently Biofuels Company in Minden, Nevada collects used cooking oil from restaurants and turns it into biodiesel – a renewable, domestically produced, environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum diesel fuel. Carbon emissions released from biodiesel are 78 to 85 percent lower than emissions from petroleum fuels. If used in place of petroleum diesel, Bently’s 2012 production of biodiesel would offset 9.6 million pounds of CO2 emissions – the equivalent of taking 820 cars off the road for one year. In addition to preventing waste and lowering CO2 emissions, Bently is able to compost almost all of the waste products from the biodiesel plant, and use the composted leftovers to fertilize farm fields. Read more