Architectural Uses of Copper

 Report prepared for the Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Plant by Thomas Barron, Civil Engineer (925) 283-8121.

Abstract (816k PDF)

Complete Report (1.35meg PDF)

1. Introduction

This report describes common architectural uses of copper, and then estimates how much of this copper corrodes and is released into the Palo Alto RWQCP service area as rainfall runoff. Best management practices are presented for reducing the amounts of these copper releases.

2. Copper Architectural Features (295KB PDF)

2.1 Copper Roofs & Appurtenances
2.2 Coated Steel Roofs
2.3 Composition Shingles
2.4 Gutters and Downspouts
2.5 Other Copper Features

3. Wood Preservatives (272k PDF)

3.1 Factory-Preserved Lumber
3.2 Wood Preservatives Used During Construction
3.3 Factory-Preserved Wood Shingles

4. Release Of Copper To The Environment (680k PDF)

4.1 Local Rainfall Data
4.2 Background Copper
4.3 Estimated Copper Releases From Individual Features
4.4 Estimated Annual Copper Releases From One Building
4.5 Estimated Total Service Area Copper Release

5. Ways To Reduce Copper Releases (1.0 meg PDF)

6. Footnotes (136k PDF)

Appendices (Calculations) (272k PDF)