Dental Chemical Use

A Pollution Prevention Perspective


Dental professionals use a number of chemical products in their daily care giving. These chemicals are an important part of the treatment process, and provide significant patient benefits.

The purpose of this website is to help dental professionals make informed choices about their chemical selection and use.

For example, the site includes data on the amounts of x-ray film, developer, and fixer that surveys tell us one dentist will use on average. A practice may employ these data as a rough ‘yardstick’ for determining whether their own radiographic chemical use should be examined in detail.

Our Findings

Fact Sheets – A series of technical briefs and detailed downloadable fact sheets.

Presentations – Various presentations developed for this study.

Links and References- Reference publications, literature, and web links.

About our Project

The project team worked under a pollution prevention grant from Region IX of the US Environmental Protection Agency. Co-researchers include over 100 participating dental offices in the San Francisco area, as well as staff from: California Dental Association; Cities of San Francisco, Richmond, and Palo Alto; Mid-Peninsula Dental Society; San Francisco Dental Society; Union Sanitary District; and the University of Nevada – Reno.

The project goals are to identify, characterize, and quantify chemicals used by dental professionals for radiography, infection control, and restorative work.

To meet these goals, the project team distributed surveys to and conducted interviews with dental offices in the San Francisco Bay Area. The results of this research are presented in the factsheets and other materials on this website.

Our factsheets are in the public domain. You may freely copy and use them, provided that the Dental Pollution Prevention Project and this website are cited as the source.

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