Restorative Materials

Dental Restorative Materials

A Pollution Prevention Perspective


What are the health, safety, and environmental issues arising from the chemical ingredients used in dental restorative materials? How aware are dental practioners of these issues? How difficult is it to research these issues?

To begin answering these questions, we conducted on-site interviews with dental practices in the San Francisco area, spoke with dental product suppliers, and evaluated data from mail-in surveys collected by local sewer agencies. Our compilation effort was co-sponsored by CDA and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

In this section of our website we present our initial findings about dental amalgam and other restorative materials.

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Dental Amalgam Use

Dental Amalgam Use [pdf]

This factsheet estimates the amount of amalgam that the typical general dentist will handle per procedure, and characterizes the resulting waste streams.

Many of the dental offices participating as co-researchers indicate that, as time passes, they are placing significantly fewer amalgam restorations. In some practices amalgam removal procedures are also decreasing.

Therefore, our estimate should be viewed as a “snap-shot” of amalgam use in the San Francisco area during 2004. The results may not apply to other locations or times.

Newsletter articles about amalgam waste management [pdf]

These articles may be edited as needed and published locally by dental societies, public agencies, and others. Contact us if you would like to have MS Word versions of these articles.

Article about mercury from the July 2004 CDA Journal [pdf] – Coming Soon

This article describes the benefits and hazards posed by society’s uses of mercury. The July 2004 CDA Journal has several other articles about dental amalgam issues.

Restorative Materials & Issues

The project team has compiled a series of tables to summarize the characteristics and issues posed by restorative materials used by dental professionals.

These tables are Adobe Acrobat [.pdf] files which may be downloaded via the following links. The tables are based upon interviews, MSDSs and other vendor literature, and peer-reviewed publications. Your comments are welcome.

Amalgam – Coming Soon
Adhesives – Coming Soon
Ceramics -Coming Soon
Composites – Coming Soon
Glass Ionomers – Coming Soon
Sealants – Coming Soon
Waxes – Coming Soon

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