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Links & References

A Pollution Prevention Perspective

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The project team found information about dental chemicals in a number of sources: Published reference textbooks; dental society journals (some of which are on-line); peer-reviewed technical research papers; government websites; vendor literature; and trade publications and websites.

A selection of these reference sources are highlighted here. The reader is cautioned that this listing is meant to be illustrative only. Inclusion or exclusion of a particular book, organization, website, or vendor is not to be interpreted as either an endorsement or non-endorsement by the project team or its sponsors.


We suggest the following strategy to anyone wishing to research a new area of dentistry:

[1] start with online searching;
[2] identify key authors, publishers, and dental society working groups that are active in your interest area;
[3] read the readily available web-published materials;
[4] develop a list of your unanswered questions;
[5] approach the key authors with these questions; and
[6] read the new materials that these sources recommend to you.
Reference Books

  1. Craig, Robert, and J. Powers, Restorative Dental Materials, 11th ed., Mosby/Elseivier, St. Louis, 2002.
  2. Van Noort, Richard, Introduction to Dental Materials, 2nd ed., Mosby/Elseivier, St. Louis, 2002.

Dental Society Journals

  1. Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA)
  2. Journal of the California Dental Association
  3. Journal of the Canadian Dental Association

Peer-Reviewed and Other Technical Literature

  1. DentalArticles.Com This website leads the researcher into prepared searches in PubMed.
  2. Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures
  3. Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology

Government Websites

  1. Center for Disease Control – Search for “Dental” or similar key words
  2. Toxnet
  3. PubMed
  4. US Dept. of Labor – OSHA

Vendor Literature

  1. Bisco, Inc., Research Reports
  2. Sullivan-Schein
  3. Patterson Dental

Trade Press

  1. Pennwell – Publishers of “Dental Economics”, “Woman Dentist Journal”, and others