Dental P2 Presentations

A Pollution Prevention Perspective

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In 2004 and 2005 the project team made a number of presentations to dentists, dental office staff, and dental students. These outreach events focused upon amalgam and other restoratives; pollution prevention opportunities; and hazardous waste management issues.

Additional presentations were made to: local agency staff, as well as to attendees of the annual CWEA and wsppn conferences.

Many of these sessions included co-presenters from the dental profession and the California Dental Association.

The following are downloadable .pdf copies of the slides used in making these presentations. Slides for the last two presentations are available for downloading on websites maintained by the City of San Francisco.

UOP Dental School (2004) (693KB pdf)

wsppn (2005) (1.15MB pdf)

Dental Office Staff (Link to SF-PUC Website)

Local Agency Staff (Link to SF Environment Website)


Our presentations are in the public domain. You may freely copy and use them, provided that the Dental Pollution Prevention Project and this website are cited as the source.