Hospital Labels

Red Bag Labeling


There are still many easy P2-fixes in the field of Hospital Pollution Prevention. True, hospital P2 can take the form of a facility investing in the costly capital expense of new sterilization equipment, but it can also be as simple a facility teaching staff which waste belongs in which waste receptacle.

Contra Costa County Health Services Department recognized the problem of hospital staff unknowingly creating pollution simply because they were not aware of where they should dispose of the many complex hospital waste streams. In order to combat this confusion, Contra Costa County applied for an EPA grant to develop signange to assist health care facilities. An advisory committee of San Francisco Bay Area health care professionals designed and developed both a poster and a sticker that provide concise information about the most common health care wastes. To date approximately 10,000 posters and well over 25,000 stickers have been disseminated throughout California.

These products can promote P2. Examples include helping alleviate the Biohazard Label problem of staff accidentally putting batteries or thermometers in the sharp containers, putting recyclable, disposable patient supplies in the regular trash or disposing of diapers or gloves in the red-bag. If you work with health care facilities, please feel free to share these items with them. They are free of charge and available in large quantities.