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Q: How is this project funded?
A: We received two EPA grants. The Richmond project received an Environmental Justice Through Pollution Prevention Grant, while the Santa Clara County project Received a Pollution Prevention Incentives for States Grant. The duration of each grant was 2 years.

Q: Where can I find evaluations of specific products?
A: Start with our Tools section for conducting your own evaluation or contact us and we can conduct an evaluation for you.

Q: Whose products did you have janitors test, and which were the best products?
A: We started by asking three other projects (Santa Monica, Massachusetts, & Minnesota) to tell us which environmentally preferable products they had tested and purchased. We asked these suppliers to send us samples, and conducted our own product trials. We actually ended up testing products in seven categories from eight vendors. Then we visited sites and gave away samples of the items most favored by our volunteer test crews (City of San José, Santa Clara County, & Stanford University Housing).

Q: What are the most dangerous janitorial products?
A: Some of the most dangerous items include: acid toilet bowl cleaner; floor finish stripper; high strength degreasers; sewer drain openers; oven cleaner; and products that contain ingredients that can cause cancer.We found that 6% of the products we reviewed were so dangerous that they should not be used. An additional 35% are dangerous, but can be used successfully with extreme care (i.e., by receiving thorough safety training and conscientious wearing of personal protective gear).

Q: I want to change products and begin using some that are safer and better for the environment. How can I get started?
A: Ask us to send you a list of the products that our test crews liked best. Alternatively, go to our “Related Sites” page and follow the links to the City of Santa Monica, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and State of Minnesota. These agencies have published lists of environmentally preferable products that they are purchasing.

Q: Who worked on the project?
A: The consulting team that did the primary work was advised by a panel of agency staff, industry representatives, citizens’ groups, and other stakeholders.

Q: What is the team working on now that the projects are finished?
A: The team is working on a similar project to introduce environmentally preferable products to custodians working for the City of San Francisco. In addition, the team continues to offer on-site product safety reviews and industry training workshops on a fee basis.

Do you have a question that you want answered, or a janitorial product that you want to know about? Send your question via e-mail, or call (925) 283-8121.